Serviceplan Suisse and Mini Switzerland let the Watson community battle it out

For the launch of the new models, Mini developed an out-of-the-box idea together with Serviceplan Suisse, in which fans of the brand compete in a digital love duel. Cooperation partner Watson provided its interactive voting mechanism for this.

Serviceplan Suisse was commissioned to communicate the launch of new Mini models and bring the new brand positioning "#BigLove: We're different, but pretty good together" to life. In addition to the comprehensive campaign, client and agency jointly developed an unconventional idea to get the Mini Convertible fully noticed in time for the start of summer. To win the Mini Cabrio for one summer, they had to prove their love for the new vehicle and show how far they would go to express that love.

In the Mini Big Love Challenge on the News Portal... Watson 142 challengers competed against each other in several duels. The 100,000 readers of the promotion decided with their clicks whose proof of love was finally worth being rewarded with the Mini Cabrio.

The winner of the summer in the Mini Convertible was Alexandra from Richterswil, who devotedly baked muffins in the special Mini Convertible colour "Zesty Yellow" and donated them to the Gassencafé Sunestube. Alexandra's plans for the new Mini Convertible also go straight to her heart: she plans to spend an extended honeymoon in it.

The promotion was advertised on Mini's social media channels, Watson and Mini dealers, on Mini's website and on Mini's promotions page. Watson.

Responsible at Mini Switzerland: Adrian Kwasnitza (Head Marketing Mini), Fabian Schlatter (Communication Mini), Alessia Pezzini (Events & Sponsoring Mini). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Tizian Lienhard (art direction), Jan Krohn (text), Livia Küpfert (consulting), Michael Kathe (creative direction), Kurt Bösiger (photographer), Marcin Baba (executive creative direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility); Vizeum (media agency).

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