Polyconsult shows the added value of the ÖV-Plus app

With the ÖV-Plus app, all information on regional public transport networks is quickly and easily at hand. Polyconsult demonstrates this added value with an eye-catching launch campaign.


The ÖV-Plus app has been completely revised and now covers even more areas. 17 public transport companies from Espace-Mittelland and Central and Eastern Switzerland are now on board. The launch campaign is intended to generate downloads and make the app known in the new regions.

Whether for the occasional rider or the commuter, the ÖV Plus app aims to offer everyone a real plus. Timetable information or traffic information in real time, tickets for the region and for the whole of Switzerland, digital multi-journey maps or push notifications for favored lines are just some of the many functions. In addition, the app is highly customizable.

Polyconsult stages the individual added value with clear and straightforward messages. The user-oriented arguments should convince people to get the app on their smartphone. To ensure that the launch campaign reaches all passengers, it is played out online in a targeted manner and placed on streetcar trailers, on traffic screens, at ticket machines and on vehicles.

Responsible at Bernmobil: Alina Kurt (Head of Market Management); Monika Scheiwiller (Communications Specialist); Monika Ryf (Communications Specialist). Responsible at Polyconsult: Silvio Truffer (Creative Direction); Raphael Gammenthaler (Text Concept); Olivia Schneeberger (Concept and Art Direction); Caroline Bühler, Simone Ensslin (Consulting); Attackera (Paid Media).

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