Friendly greetings for Baloise: With diversity to more team spirit

Baloise positions itself as a modern and attractive employer. With a motivating recruiting campaign, it aims at more diversity in the team. Freundliche Grüsse is responsible for the implementation.

After a successful start 2019 and the continuation in 2020, Baloise is also launching an employer branding campaign this year with the hashtag #worklifebaloise, conceived and implemented by the Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse.

For years, Baloise has had a profile that makes it very attractive for employees. The insight that the company can only be strong if the employees get along well and experience appreciation is implemented and lived. This orientation leads to a new work model in which free time and compensation are an integral part of personnel planning. This message is further developed internally and communicated externally.

Baloise already has a high level of diversity in terms of age, gender and educational background - and wants to strengthen this even further. "The focus of this year's campaign is on more diversity," says campaign manager Tobias Gees. "Baloise is looking for real people with rough edges and personality. This is how collaboration leads to engagement with a wide range of perspectives and, ideally, the best outcome for customers." Employees with different backgrounds and cultures work together across all age groups and learn from each other. As early as 2020, Baloise committed to the advancement of women and a pledge to fill one-third of its management positions with women. More diversity in collaboration has been proven to contribute to greater business success.

"Ready for more us": This is the core message of the current Baloise campaign in employer marketing, with the aim of creating general awareness for more diversity in the working world. The campaign can be seen throughout Switzerland in three languages and is played out digitally on display and programmatic as well as on social media.

Responsible at Baloise Group: Tobias Gees (Senior Campaign Manager HR), Sandra Zehnder (HR Communications Specialist), Timm Süss (Senior Manager, Employer Branding & Analytics), Corinna Fröschke (Content Specialist, Employer Branding). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Phillip Gloyer, Bernhard Brungs, Morris Lötscher (text), Maude Mahrer (art direction), Andrea Aegerter, (consulting), Isabelle Schmid, Sarah Winker (social media). Display & Programmatic: Drop8.

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