PAM Advertising for Usic: Every day for the future

The Zurich agency PAM Advertising has designed and implemented the CO2 law campaign "Monday to Friday for Future" for the engineering association Usic.

Usic is one of the business representatives campaigning for a Yes to the CO2 Act. To communicate that engineers develop climate-friendly solutions in their daily work, PAM created a motif with the headline "Monday to Friday for Future".

In the style of the Fridays for Future movement, Usic is also openly expressing sympathy for the concerns of climate activists. The campaign was not well received by SVP politician Michael Frauchiger, who criticized it as "glorifying vandals."

In addition to trilingual posters, a banner was mounted on Bern's Kornhaus Bridge and an action was carried out: Engineers sat working on their brought office chairs on Casinoplatz to underline the message Monday to Friday for Future. GLP National Councilor Beat Flach and FDP Councilor of State Olivier Français also supported the action.

Responsible at Usic: Lea Kusano (Head of Communications), Pierre Epars (Board member Usic and initiator Think Tank rethink_ing). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (creation, strategy). Photographer: Hanspeter Schneider. Image processing: Stephanie Wencek.

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