Compresso: Mountain fresh honest umbrella campaign for Elmer Citro

Compresso brings a breath of fresh air to the brand's appearance with an umbrella campaign for Elmer Citro. The claim "Bergfrisch ehrlich" is part of the national out-of-home and online campaign, which will be visible from mid-June and will be accompanied by promotional activities.

Elmer Citro

In 2020, Compresso beat out several agencies in a two-stage pitch to win the marketing account for Elmer Citro and Elmer Mineral. Now, the first work for Elmer Citro is on air throughout Switzerland with the aim of increasing awareness and rejuvenating the target group.

Developed by Compresso, the nationally focused umbrella campaign pays tribute to the brand's heritage and values. The gentle rebranding elevates Bergfrische to a more modern level and is intended to provide a bolder, sometimes slightly more provocative target group approach.

With the launch of Elmer Citro in Western Switzerland, the out-of-home and online campaign will also start from mid-June. For the visual implementation, Compresso relies on a younger look and focuses on the colors "yellow" and "green", which are closely linked to the brand. Linguistically, it will be more direct, fresh and cheeky.

In keeping with Elmer Citro and the claim "Mountain Fresh Honest", the communicative appearance is self-confident, genuine and with a slight wink. What remains unchanged is the focus on the origin, the over ninety years of tradition and the taste of Elmer Citro.

The umbrella campaign also includes an on-pack promotion, in which a code can be found in the lid from now until September 2021 and there are outdoor prizes to be won, as well as a mountain railway promotion as a regional measure.

Responsible at Ramseier Suisse / Elmer Citro: Evelyn Kafka (Head of Brand Management), Stephanie Waller (Brand Manager SINALCO and Elmer). Responsible at Compresso: Fridolin Stauffacher, Michelle Müller (consulting/project management), Alexandra Nadtochiy (strategy), Nina Bärtsch (texts), Sean Dünki (art direction), Christoff Strukamp (creative direction, Zimmermann Communications).

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