Havas shows that Ricola is always an issue

The Ricola brand was looking for ways to be more conversational with its customers. To this end, Havas developed an always-on campaign for Ricola's social media channels.

Until now, the company relied on individual spontaneous stories for content on its social media channels. The challenge was to generate more visibility with simple means, to stay top-of-mind with Swiss consumers and to gain new fans.

Havas developed the idea for a humorous always-on campaign for Ricola's social media channels - Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. In each of these static posts, stories and videos, a current topic is addressed with a headline and supporting graphic elements. The selected daily or weekly news items are linked to the benefits, the products or the history of Ricola.

Relevance for the target group is the top priority. However, since Ricola's fan base is very broad, Havas plays out each post specifically for a previously defined target group - depending on the current topic.

Responsible at Ricola: Dominique Dresel (Vice President Marketing Europe II), Jost Lingg (Head of Brand & Product Management Switzerland), Lauren Schramm (Marketing Manager Switzerland), Fiona Wägerle (Digital & Brand Experience Manager). Responsible at Havas: Agron Gjini (Account Director), Dimitri Ottiger (Account Director), Christian Meier (Senior Programmatic Consultant), Nicolai Abel (Senior Social Media Consultant), Dominik Brülisauer (Copywriter), Helen Ingold (Junior Art Director).

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