Contexta: Getting on well with SBB

When the home office obligation falls, the mobility cards in Switzerland will be reshuffled. A national public transport campaign by Contexta for SBB therefore aims to score points not only with the advantages over the road, but also with personal subscription advice.

A representative survey by Marketagent shows that 91 percent of respondents who currently work at home, or who could do so at least in theory, will do so in the future. 55 percent of professionals for whom home office is possible would like to work half their workload or more at home. This means that between one and two million people in Switzerland will have to rethink their future mobility solution in the coming weeks.

For this reason, just one day after the last relaxation by the Federal Council, SBB launched a nationwide campaign that addresses in a practical and concrete way what moves Switzerland: On the one hand, the advantages over the road are recalled with a wink of the eye and it is transparently shown how we can travel safely again thanks to the latest public transport protection concept.

On the other hand, a nationwide subscription advisory service was launched to help people find the best public transport subscription for their new office or home office situation by phone, at the counter or online.

The campaign was developed within a short time and in close cooperation between the agency and the client. The cross-media campaign and the offer of subscription advice remain present until the new normality has settled in.

Responsible at Swiss Federal Railways: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications), Sabine Weyeneth (Communications Manager), Cyrill Kilchenmann (Communications Manager); Daniel Haldi (Campaign Manager); Esther Heinzen (Campaign Manager); Corinne Schneeberger (Media); Urs Schlunegger & Urs Plattner (Production). Responsible agency: Contexta. Photo: Jonathan Heyer, Caspar Martig.

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