ViznerBorel for Amag: Always mobile and yet rooted in Basel

To demonstrate Amag's closeness to Basel, Zurich-based agency ViznerBorel has launched a comprehensive communications campaign for the car dealer.

Amag wants to demonstrate its long-standing roots in the Basel region and the proximity of its garage partner to the people of Basel with a sympathetic communication campaign.

ViznerBorel dramatizes the passion for the automobile and the need for carefree mobility of Amag customers in the campaign with emotional visuals. They show people who are carefree on the road thanks to Amag. At the center of each visual is a talisman, which is attached to the rearview mirror and is intended to represent the driver's personal connection to the Basel region.

The message is supported by two radio spots that humorously communicate the bond with Basel and carefree mobility. Simultaneously to the campaign with numerous online and print advertising media as well as radio spots, a branded Amag streetcar is also driving through the city of Basel.

Responsible at Amag:Joëlle Hügli (Head of Marketing), Cristina Ravalli (Head of Customer Relations & Experience). Veresponsible at ViznerBorel: Guillaume Borel, Lajos Vizner (overall responsibility), Seraina Meier (junior art director), Sebastian Krayer (digital art direction), Jürg Waeber (text), Markus Binggeli (strategy and consulting). Photography: Jonas Kuhn Photography. Spot Production: Tonton Tonstudio, David Hohl, Roman Huber (Producer), Felix Hohl (Casting). Fullbranding Tram: Moving Media Basel (planning), Remund Werbetechnik (lettering).

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