Eyeloveyou looks outside the box with Surprise for the 500th edition

As part of the 500th issue of Surprise street magazine, Eyeloveyou has created a poster campaign that encourages people to think about the winners and losers in society.

The full plate is the theme for issue 500. "From the edge we see over and under the plate" is written on the posters of Surprise on the occasion of the anniversary edition. The original phrase "thinking outside the box" is turned on its head: the view is directed from the outside onto and under the plate. Who has how much, who lives below the minimum? These are the questions that have always preoccupied the Surprise association.

500 issues of journalistic quality

By placing the anniversary at the center of the poster, the existence and purpose of Surprise as a matter of course. The focus is on the journalistic perspective and quality rather than on presenting homeless people in unexpected surroundings.

The campaign will be implemented as a digital poster, offline poster and full-page advertisement and published with the support of a media provider.

Responsible at the Surprise association: Andreas Jahn, Caroline Walpen (Marketing, Fundraising & Communication team). Responsible at Eyeloveyou: Rafael Dietschy (concept, creation), Martin Sautter (animation), Tumasch Clalüna (text, project management).

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