ViznerBorel is looking for "Switzerland's coziest flat-share" for Swiss Recycling

The Swiss Recycling awareness campaign goes into another round. Under the motto "Bünzli save the world", ViznerBorel continues to strengthen the recycling behaviour of the Swiss population. This spring, Swiss Recycling is holding a competition to find the "Bünzligste WG der Schweiz 2021".

The topic of global warming leaves no one cold. In order to protect the environment sustainably, recycling plays an essential role. After all, the recycling of valuable materials such as glass, aluminium, PET or even electronic waste conserves resources, saves energy and reduces CO2-pollution. In 2021, Swiss Recycling's umbrella campaign will once again make it clear to the Swiss: Bünzli save the world. Because anyone who separates, collects and returns recyclable materials correctly at home is recycling in an extremely exemplary manner and is therefore also behaving in a "Bünzli" manner. Swiss Recycling, the umbrella organisation for Swiss recycling systems, is behind the "Werde Bünzli" appeal.

Who will win the title of "Switzerland's most cocksure flat-sharing community"? 

When it comes to recycling, even the young and unconventional people are meticulous and mutate into real cocksuckers for the protection of our environment. That's why Swiss Recycling is looking for "Switzerland's most cocksure flat-sharing community". The flat-sharing community that separates, collects and returns the recyclable materials in the household in the most original and consistent way wins the title of "Switzerland's most cozy flat-sharing community" and with it the prize money of three months' rent!

The platform for sustainable recycling

The competition with online voting takes place on Become-bü off. As the heart of the campaign, the platform offers a lot of infotainment: here people profess their support for Bünzli, there is a Bünzli test and the Bünzli song to download, you can find the largest recycling product market in Switzerland and, of course, comprehensive information on the sustainable recycling of recyclable materials.

Making the world a little better with 360 degree communication

With the continuation of the long-term, cross-media campaign, for which ViznerBorel is responsible, the benefits of recycling are to be shown in an original way and the coin-like behaviour is to be confirmed in the long term. The campaign is present throughout Switzerland both OOH and online.

Responsible at Swiss Recycling: Patrik Geisselhardt (Managing Director), Viviane Weber (Project Manager Marketing and Communication). Vresponsible at ViznerBorel: Lajos Vizner, Guillaume Borel (overall responsibility), Jürg Waeber (concept and text), Seraina Meier (graphics), Markus Binggeli (strategy), Martina Fäh (consulting). Webseite/Online:, Michael à Porta (overall responsibility), Sebastian Krayer (art direction), Wolfgang Burlet (web development). Media: mediatonic, Marco Rose. Photography: Jairo N'tango, Florian Brunner. Production Bünzli Song: HitMill, Noemi Mathis (project management), Oliver Herzog, Fred Herrmann (producer).

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