Dynamite launches prevention campaign for Kapo Zurich

As part of the amended motor vehicle laws for young people, the Zug agency Dynamite has implemented a prevention campaign for safe motorcycle driving and noise reduction for the Kapo Zurich.

Since 2021, 15-year-olds are now allowed to drive motorcycles/scooters up to 45 kilometres per hour, and 16-year-olds will be allowed to ride 125 cc motorcycles. It is therefore feared that this could increase the number of serious and fatal road accidents involving new drivers. Dynamite was commissioned to design and implement an information and prevention campaign.

On posters, flyers and a Website and on social media, attention was drawn not only to the safety aspects but also to the increasing noise problem. The appeals "No risk!" and "No noise!" are aimed directly at motorcyclists and call on them to be more careful and considerate. The Kapo Zurich will provide information, but will also take repressive action at neuralgic passes in the coming months.

The poster motif "No risk" shows the danger in cornering situations that motorcyclists could get into. Motorcyclists should drive defensively and with foresight. The "No noise" motif reminds motorcyclists to refrain from making unnecessary noise. Consideration is called for, Switzerland is densely populated.

Responsible at the Cantonal Police Zurich: Prevention Department, Adj. Rolf Decker. Responsible at Dynamite: Roger Bosshart (CEO and consulting), Ralitsa Ruseva (art direction), Nuru Oertli (graphics), Urs Zwyssig (text), Huessin Agha (web development).

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