Teads helps On to more brand awareness

The campaign of the sports brand On, which was launched in January, achieved a visibility of over 80 percent with the advertising media of Teads. The goal was to increase the brand awareness of the sports manufacturer and to adapt the advertising media accordingly for greater visibility.

Even though the ads were optimized for visibility, they also achieved excellent click-through rates. This is due to the high-quality creatives. A look at the user behavior also shows that the click quality is also convincing.

The shoe manufacturer On is already a very established brand. In order to expand further, the company partnered with global media platform Teads in 2020. With the help of its InRead formats - Scroller and Flow in sizes Landscape and Square - In January, On played out a large-scale campaign via the websites of Teads' premium publishing partners.

Goal: Maximize impressions

The goal of the joint campaign was to increase brand awareness. The campaign was to be optimized in order to maximize the visible impressions. To achieve this, the teams from On and Teads determined in advance those advertising formats that would most closely contribute to the campaign goals. After adapting the formats to On's needs, the campaign was played out in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the USA.

"We are very satisfied with the performance: Firstly with the high-quality placements of the Teads ads, but also the impact of the creatives, as well as the click quality," says Ornella Byland, Digital Marketer at On.

Campaign visibility of 80 percent

According to Teads, the campaign has achieved a visibility of over 80 percent. This was achieved, among other things, by the appealing advertising material, which animates users to interact with it and to stay. Especially in Switzerland, the company was able to generate convincing click numbers on the advertising formats with low bounce rates.

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