Kind regards for Car for You: Adventure yes, but not when buying a car

Safety and trust are at the heart of the Zurich car marketplace Car for You. In the current TV campaign, Freundliche Grüsse uses familiar elements of existing campaigns to communicate new features that make buying a car online even safer.

Anyone considering buying a car online is confronted with various questions. First and foremost, whether the respective offer is trustworthy. Car For You wants to provide the right answers.

Together with the Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse, well-known scenes are put into a new context. Everyday situations of young people are shown, in which the car plays a leading role. With a wink of the eye, the trustworthiness of the online portal is pointed out. Special services and unique customer benefits such as "price check", "money-back guarantee", "buyer protection" and the possibility of buying cars completely online are intended to give buyers a secure feeling.

The campaign has been live on various national TV stations since mid-May and is being played out on various online portals. In addition, the target group is reached at 170 points of sale.

Responsible at Car For You: Robin Simon (CEO), Frank Mickeler (CMO), Jeanine Da Silva (Graphic Design). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Andrea Aegerter, Sarah Winker (consulting), Christian Stüdi, Morris Lötscher (text/concept), Maude Mahrer (art direction). Postproduction: South t, Mygosh.

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