stages "delivery promise" in new films

For the new implementations of's moving image campaign, Zimmermann Communications and Compresso focused on the depth of the product range and on selected services.

After the films in 2020 communicated the breadth of the product range and product diversity at the launch of the "Delivery Promise," the focus this year is on communicating the depth of the product range and selected services. In this way, is aligning the delivery promise more closely with the needs of its target groups and creating differentiation.

In the films designed and implemented by Zimmermann Communications and Compresso, delivers everything in one package and what you need faster than you think.

The campaign, which is running on TV and digitally, uses a broad mix of different film formats and lengths, in which the stories are in turn played by the two actors from the 2020 spot series.

To support the TV sponsorships, two billboards were produced, each with an intro and outro, which pick up the tonality of the two films. Here, shows real-life situations and aims to build a bridge to the viewer quickly and humorously. The film "Geskippt" was produced specifically as a preroll, designed for use in the corresponding environment.

The new films will also be used in social media, on, in the environment of sponsorships and within other measures.

Responsible at Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Franziska Heimberg (Head of Marketing Communications), Michael Otto (Marketing Manager Brand). Responsible at Compresso: Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Alexandra Nadtochiy (strategy), Michelle Müller (project management), Sean Dünki (art direction), Yannick Vogel (graphics). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/Art Buying), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Florian Bieniek (Project Management). Film production: Markenfilm Switzerland, Director: Lars Timmermann, Cinematographer: Pierre 'Castillo Bernard' Enz.

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