Thjnk Zurich and Bio Suisse invite you to the Hof-Office

With the support of Bio Suisse and Thjnk Zurich, five home office sufferers were able to spend a day in the most beautiful and Corona-compliant office in Switzerland - the Hof-Office.

While people with office jobs have been working from home for more than a year if possible and the ceiling is slowly falling on their heads, organic farmers work outside on their farms - the ideal place to work with lots of space and fresh air. And there's everything you need - even in organic quality: juicy fruit as break snacks, lunch from their own farm, dairy products for a snack and much more.

So that people in home offices can also enjoy this organic experience, Bio Suisse set up five workstations on an organic farm on Lake Murten. For example, in the pasture, between blossoming fruit trees or next to freely roaming chickens - and turned home office into farm office.

An online and social media campaign called on people to sign up for the Yard Office Day. In order to find the right people, they had to explain why they deserved to spend the day in the Hof-Office and send in pictures of themselves in the home office. Thanks to their convincing application and a bit of luck, Alina, Barbara, Sophie, Elias and Richard were allowed to swap their home office for the Hof-Office for one day.

The action took place within the framework of the new image campaign "Organic from the field to the plate", which aims to show that the Organic Bud is organic in its entirety. ( reported).

Responsible at Bio Suisse: Andrea Voegtle (Junior Project Manager Marketing Communications), Sylvia Gysin (Head of Marketing Communications), Lukas Inderfurth (Head of Corporate Communications). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Lukas Amgwerd (Text), Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Anna Magnaguagno, Angela Cristofari (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). External partners: Ferrari & Kämpfen, Luc Kämpfen (director and camera); 2&3 Dimensionale Gestaltung, Josef Schäppi (set design); Konnex (media).

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