Contexta for PostFinance: This is what I stand for with my name

Online banking is growing, but with the brakes on. Studies show that despite rational and valid arguments, many still have a queasy feeling when it comes to security. Contexta's new security campaign for PostFinance therefore pays particular attention to soft factors.

PostFinance online banking protects customers' money around the clock: with secure logins, automatic encryption, online purchases only with digital approval and immediate notification of every transaction. In addition, in the event of an emergency, the PostFinance security guarantee covers losses of up to 100,000 Swiss francs.

To ensure that these arguments dispel the last doubts, the new security campaign is not addressed by an impersonal authority, but by Sandra Lienhart, Head of Retail Banking. She ties things up with a sentence that broke with marketing conventions very successfully many years ago, created trust and is still effective today: That's what I stand for with my name.

The cross-media campaign has been on air since Monday on TV/Web-TV and DOOH throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at PostFinance: Dennis Lengacher, Sabrina Lüthi. Responsible agency: Contexta. Film Production: Shining Film, Micha Freute (director), Valentin Bärlocher (camera), David Müller (production manager), Bigna Tomschin, Martin Luchsinger (editor). Recording Studio: UKO.

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