OSW shows for BSZ Basel that donor types have more character

For the Basel Blood Donation Centre, the Basel agency OSW has developed a short spot in the style of a 90s sitcom intro.

The footage was filmed in a specially built set over two days. A lot of attention was paid to artistic details, so that the viewer gets the feeling of the good old TV series. For this format lives above all through the tensions and entanglements of the most diverse characters, who meet at the central scene of the action. Like in the blood donation center, where everyone is welcome - regardless of origin, hair color, gender, political or culinary preferences or musical taste, and so on.

No matter how different blood donors are, they all have one thing in common: saving lives is in their blood, and those who do it show character.

Jensen&Heitz are responsible for the cinematic realisation, the animations are by Ahoi Motion.

Responsible at Blutspendezentrum Basel: Heidi Brönnimann. Responsible at OSW: Michael Oswald (Creative Direction), Jonas Sispele (Concept/Text), Corinne Engler (Consulting). Responsible at Jensen&Heitz: Nicolas Heitz. Animation: Ahoy Motion.

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