KSP wants to push back Swiss Overshoot Day

May 11 is Swiss Overshoot Day - all natural resources in Switzerland have been used up, which should actually last for a whole year. KSP thinks that this absolutely has to be changed and has therefore created a small film to raise awareness.

KSP also realized a social media post for Volkswagen. With the suggestion to switch to the all-electric ID. models and to contribute to postponing the Swiss Overshoot Day to the end of the year again.


Responsible at Amag Import: Melanie Felder (Team Leader Marketing Communication). Responsible at KSP: Alba Rau (art direction), Stephanie Waldvogel (animation, editing), Jelena Germann (graphics), Barbara Sarras (text), Uwe Schlupp, Daniel Krieg (creative direction), Andrea Heller (consulting), Getty Images (videos).

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