Rod Communication and Tally Wejl whistle on expectations

With "Totally me. #fuckexpectations", the fashion brand Tally Wejl and the Zurich agency Rod Kommunikation are launching a rebellious campaign that shows what they think of social expectations.

Society is full of expectations - especially for young women. And in the past, hardly any other industry has shaped social stereotypes as much as the fashion industry. With the new campaign "Totally me. #fuckexpectations" the fashion brand Tally Wejl wants to motivate young women to rebel against these expectations. And not to let anyone tell them what to do, what to say or what to wear.

With the launch of its first major campaign in ten years, Tally Wejl aims to redefine itself. For the fashion brand, the new direction as a Gen-Z brand is a highlight in a very tough Corona year for retailers.

Since Tuesday, the campaign can be seen on posters in Zurich and Basel as well as online in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Poland.

Responsible at Tally Weijl: Lara Gruering (Director of Brand Management). Conception, creation and realisation: Rod Communication. Photographer: Dan Cermak. Lithograph: Blue Horizon. Producer: Team Turmoil.

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