Numéro10 makes Dakota & Nadia dance in the new "Bli Bla Blo" campaign

To better communicate the products of "Bli Bla Blo" and their relation to the name of the Net+ multimedia brand, Numéro10 has launched a campaign with the support of the dancer duo Dakota & Nadia.

The Net+ multimedia brand "Bli Bla Blo" is already very well known in French-speaking Switzerland. However, the public is not necessarily aware that the brand includes three products in its subscriptions and that its name is closely associated with these media: "Bli" for Internet, "Bla" for mobile telephony and "Blo" for TV.

"Bli Bla Blo" has entrusted the conception and production of the current campaign to the bilingual Bernese agency Numéro10. Through a TV spot, it is to be made clear that "Bli Bla Blo" is a multimedia player and that the three components of the brand embody the three media.

Products presented dancing

The French-Swiss dancer duo Dakota & Nadia twirl smartphones, laptops and TVs in an urban, breezy and rhythmic choreography created especially for "Bli Bla Blo". The film was realized in cooperation with Maxime Durand and his production team and is currently being streamed on TV channels as well as digital and social platforms.

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