TBWA\Zurich for Bell: For this the fire was discovered

With a fiery campaign, Bell and TBWA\Zurich ignite the desire to grill. The campaign films were realized by Stories.

The discovery of fire is one of the early historical caesuras in human history and now it belongs to Bell a little bit. With the campaign slogan "For this, fire was discovered", the brand confidently says that fire was originally discovered for grilling. The statement is based on a historical truth, as preparing food for easier digestibility is one of the first documented uses of fire. This original, the act of making fire, the smell, the atmosphere and being together by the fire are as much a part of grilling as the enjoyment of the fine barbecues themselves.

In an epic opening film, the fire is also staged in exactly the same way. From the magical moment of ignition to the shared barbecue. Fire also plays the leading role in other channels such as (D)OOH, Spotify, social media and many more, and is staged in a way that is appropriate for the channel.

The film was realized with Stories under the direction of Michael Fueter, who has already realized two Bell films. For the fire-making in the various long versions, Michael Fueter relied on the special effects crew Bykowscy and Lunapark, with whom he has already enthusiastically realized other projects. The music comes from the team of Spacetrain, Dave Macloed and Dean Montenegro, who are also well-rehearsed with Fueter.

The campaign launches Monday and will air throughout the barbecue season.

Responsible at Bell: Davide Elia (Head of Corporate Marketing/Communication), Nicole Schaad (Head of Marketing Services), Sarah Sutter (Head of Brand Management), Micha Roth (Project Manager Marketing Services), Damaris Hildebrand (Project Manager Marketing Services), Lisa Hörl (Coordinator Online Marketing), Urs Graf (Artwork). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Tizian Walti, Angelo Sciullo, Daniel Lamprecht, Susanna Fill, Isabelle Benz, Lisa Bolte (creation); Nadja Stickl, Esther Ortega, Lisa Suter, Chiara D'Arpa (consulting). Responsible at Stories: Michael Fueter (Director), Pascal Walder (Cinematographer), Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Louis von Mallinckrodt (Producer), Edoardo Moruzzi (Head of Post-Production).

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