Friendly greetings for Franke: taps as individual as their owners

The trend towards individualisation makes the kitchen a place where one's own personality is expressed. Franke's stainless steel taps are available to suit every taste. Freundliche Grüsse sets the scene for the topic with a humorous campaign.

A man gets a screaming fit. Reason: the plumber wants to install a round curved faucet at his home. And this despite the fact that the resident has furnished his apartment with square-shaped fixtures, right down to the most absurd details. Fortunately, the solution is quickly at hand: the Mythos model from Franke, whose outlet pipe has a right angle - exactly to the taste of our discerning customer. And so the story has a happy ending.

With this staging, the Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse dramatizes Franke's message: "There's a stainless steel tap for every taste". The company launches a campaign to draw attention to the wide range of its stainless steel taps. In addition to the design aspect, functionality also plays a decisive role. For example, there are models for particularly small kitchens or semi-professional taps with a flexible shower hose.

The campaign focuses on the film and three key visuals. There is also a brochure, numerous social media assets and display ads. They link to a landing page, which is designed as a "tap finder" and is intended to help quickly and easily in the search for the perfect fitting for one's own requirements.

Responsible at Franke Home Solutions: Rahel Güttler (Global Head of Marketing), Matti Koukka (Marketing & Exhibition Specialist). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Norihito Iida (art director), Res Matthys, Bernie Brungs (text/concept), Mara Schwegler, Remo Wyss (graphics), Jasmine Segginger, Andrea Aegerter, Käthy Känzig (consulting), Isabelle Schmid (digital director), Film Production: TallyHo!, Director: Tom Kolinski, Cinematographer: Pascal Walder. Production Keyvisuals: Ikon Productions, Photography: Gianni Antoniali.

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