Digitec launches three more POV commercials

Three new Digitec commercials based on customer reviews have been running on Swiss TV screens, in cinemas and on social media channels since Monday.

Whether in the bedroom, study or living room - in the current TVC campaign, Digitec again tells three stories from the perspective of the products and immerses itself in different customer worlds. This is done in the usual witty and cinematic way. The stories are based on real customer comments.



Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Daniel Kobi (Art Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Mariya Alipieva (Project Management & Brand Management), Fawad Qadire (Digital Media Design), Roberto de Bonis (Digital Marketing), Luca Giugliano (Media Planning), Anne Chapuis (French Translation). Responsible at Plan B: Chris Niemeyer (Director), HC Vogel (Producer), Jessica Sonderegger (Producer), Filip Zumbrunn (DoP), Ioannis Sochorakis (Equipment), Christoph Menzi (Edit). Adriel Pfister (Grading). Sound post production: UKO - The Audio Suite.

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