Evoq for Pro Juventute: Young people lack perspective in the pandemic

It is the restrictions in social life that cause the most trouble. In order to make the population aware of the current delicate situation of the younger generations, Evoq has developed a scatter throw for Pro Juventute.

Loneliness, frustration, despair: the impact of the Corona pandemic on society's youngest is terrifying. According to recent studies, twice as many suicide attempts were recorded by young people last year. A third of children and young people face massive problems at school. And Pro Juventute's free counselling service 147 has seen a 73 percent increase in conflicts with parents alone.

These and a number of other profound difficulties are directly linked to the Corona situation. Pro Juventute is therefore addressing the public with various campaigns to draw attention to the delicate situation. One of these is a scatter-gun developed by Evoq, which is landing in Swiss letterboxes these days. The flyer, designed in an eye-catching extreme format, draws attention to the problem in a striking way, shows what Pro Juventute does and calls for active help.

Pro Juventute - together with a broad alliance of organisations - is vehemently campaigning for the implementation of youth and children's rights in Switzerland, which are often forgotten in this crisis. To this end, an appeal is being made to the Federal Council, the FOPH and the cantons. They call for clear prospects for the future, help with mental health problems and the inclusion of young people in decisions made by the authorities.

Responsible at Pro Juventute: Judith Reidenbach. Responsible at Evoq Communications: Dominique Haussener, Christian Sutter, Daniel Kuster (consulting); Adrian Schaffner (creative direction); Amanda Fuchs, Martha Bonk (design); Susanne Pfäffli (text).

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