TBWA\Zurich and Coop ring in the barbecue season

In 2021, the Coop Grill campaign realized by TBWA\Zürich is all about one of Switzerland's best-known sounds: "Tsch Tsch" - and all the fine and convivial barbecue moments associated with it.

In Switzerland, "Tsch Tsch" has always stood for the kick-off of the barbecue season. That's why the current Coop barbecue campaign unabashedly focuses exclusively on the hissing of barbecues on the fire and the soundscape around it. This is a new approach for Coop to leave the world of classic storytelling and focus entirely on the iconic character of its barbecue trademark in a creative and entertaining way.

The spot, created by TBWA\ Zurich in cooperation with Rosas & Co, is based on a song, exclusively produced by HitMill, around the crackling of the grill and the well-known "Tsch Tsch". Together with the directors of Helvetica, a kind of experimental music-food-spot was created, in which the sounds of culinary, actions and people, around the grill, become instruments.

The spot will not only be seen on TV, but also in various lengths in online advertising media, as well as on various DOOH surfaces. A matching radio spot rounds off the campaign.

Responsible at Coop: Thomas Schwetje (Head of Marketing/Digital Services), Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Sales Promotion/ Promotions), Benjamin Reiss (Project Manager Advertising Promotions/ Sales Promotion), Nathaline Neuschwander (Head of Fooby), Stephanie Stähli (Project Manager Fooby), Florian Fritz (Head of Social Media/Online Campaigning), Oliver Pursell (Project Manager Social Media), Anja Nowak (Project Manager Online Campaigning), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Rieth (Head of Media Classic). Responsible at TBWA\ Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Susanne Weeber, Ennio Cadau, Wolf Gärtner, Susanna Fill, Anouschka Tschudi, Naomi Gulla (creation), Esther Ortega, Evelyn Möbius (consulting). Film Production:  Rosas & Co Films, Helvetica (director), Nadia Rosasco (producer). Responsible at HitMill: Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Georg Schlunegger (Composition, Songwriting, Producer), Fred Herrmann (Co-Producer, Mix), Noemi Mathis (Project Management). Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (overall responsibility), Manuela Renner (Media Planning), Damiano Vitali (Head of TV), Sven Däschner (Head of Online). Responsible at eg+:  Sven Eliewsky (Senior Project Manager Digital), Aline Eggert (Developer). Responsible at Cover Media: Michèle Bühler, sound engineer (voice recordings), Michel Zürcher (consulting).

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