Eidenbenz / Zürcher stages Richter's landscapes for the Zürcher Kunsthaus

For the Kunsthaus Zürich, Eidenbenz / Zürcher put the current exhibition "Landschaft" by Gerhard Richter in the advertising spotlight.

Gerhard Richter is considered one of the most important contemporary artists. The Kunsthaus Zürich is now paying tribute to him with a solo exhibition in 2021. The exhibition presents 130 landscape paintings - a theme to which the artist has returned again and again during more than 50 years of his creative work. Simple and striking, the advertising media realized by Eidenbenz / Zürcher invite visitors to discover the multi-layered exhibition Landscape at the Kunsthaus.

The Zurich agency accompanied and executed the project from the visual concept to the implementation of the communication media. The services include conception and implementation of the advertising campaign - posters, advertisements, spots, design of the invitations, info booklet as well as the exhibition signage.

Responsible at Kunsthaus Zürich: Björn Quellenberg (Head of Communications) and Marie-Hélène Thornton (Marketing and Communications). Responsible at Eidenbenz / Zürcher: Daniel Zürcher, Oliver Eidenbenz (Art Direction), Adrian Hanselmann (Strategy/Concept).

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