Kind regards and Caritas Switzerland make climate injustice visible

The current campaign by Freundliche Grüsse for Caritas Switzerland relentlessly highlights the consequences of the climate crisis with its unconventional subjects.

The fact is that the majority of all greenhouse gas emissions are released in the global North. However, the consequences are mainly felt by the climate-exposed countries in the global South. There, increased droughts, storms and floods are leading to existential crises and exacerbating poverty. And this is happening even though many people in this country are now consciously foregoing driving, animal products or air travel.

We cause the climate to heat up and it is mainly the people in developing countries who bear the consequences. That is unfair.

To draw attention to this inequality, Kind Regards has developed a campaign with Caritas Switzerland that shows in a surprising way that the efforts of the people in this country are good and important, but it is still not enough to contain the effects of the climate crisis for the people in the Global South. We are challenged to help the affected people now so that they can cope with the new conditions and earn enough from their fields to feed their families. We have a responsibility to work for climate justice.

The campaign is now public and can be seen on posters, social media and advertisements, as well as OOH, DOOH and banners in seven cities in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. All advertising media lead to the landing page There, interested parties can register for the newsletter on climate justice. With this, they start an exciting research journey on the topic together with Caritas Switzerland.

In order to present the complex issue of climate justice in more detail, the campaign is supplemented with a content format. In three five-minute films, presenter Hannes Hug meets experts from the fields of climate, ethics and development policy and exchanges views with Caritas Switzerland's country managers in Tajikistan, Bolivia and Mali.

Responsible at Caritas Switzerland: Nicole Lehnherr (Team Leader Private Fundraising), Desirée Germann (Responsible Marketing), Reto Urech (Head of Fundraising and Marketing), Christoph Keiser (Responsible Online Fundraising), Elisabeth Karagiannis (Head of Communication and Marketing). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Käthy Känzig, Jan Jenny (consulting), Christian Stüdi, Morris Lötscher (text/concept), Norihito Iida (art direction), Remo Wyss (graphics), Isabelle Schmid (digital director), content format: Adrian Schräder (overall responsibility content & concept), Benjamin Weiss (direction & production).

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