Zimmermann for Emmentaler AOP: What makes the original the original

In the current brand campaign for Emmentaler AOP, Zimmermann Communications focuses on the unique and lived values and strengths of the cheese.

In the case of Emmentaler AOP, the "Original" label is particularly complex, broad and traditionally based. "Original" also forms the basis of the current campaign. It presents the most important reasons and arguments why the original is the original. Facts that make Emmentaler AOP the original, set it apart from the competition and underline the value and uniqueness of the brand.

The current campaign is being launched with various digital advertising media and on posters with broad appeal, and is supported by a comprehensive social media concept. All measures refer and link to the online hub, which was also newly developed: The responsive websiteEmmentaler.swisstakes visitors on a pictorial and informative journey into the world of the original by means of "scrollytelling".

Responsible at Emmentaler Switzerland: Stefan Gasser (Director), Luana Monopoli, (Marketing & Communication Officer), Sandra Wiedmer (Marketing & Communication Manager).Responsible at Zimmermann Communications:Dominik Mätzener (Managing Director Consulting), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy&Media), Florian Bieniek, Lara Cavelti (Project Management).Implementation and production of digital advertising material:Zimmermann Communications.Implementation and production online hub:Weooo, Compresso; Lena Hogekamp (photography).

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