Wirz BBDO for Switzerland Tourism: When De Niro turns down Federer

Switzerland Tourism's current commercial is a commercial about a commercial that will never exist. In the leading roles: the greatest tennis player of all time and the greatest actor of all time. The realization of the tourism campaign comes from Wirz BBDO.

In March 2021, tennis maestro Roger Federer had announced his new role as ambassador for Switzerland Tourism (Werbweoche.ch reported). Now the tourism organisation invites to an intimate conversation between the living legend - and another living legend: Oscar winner Robert De Niro. Federer wants De Niro to star in his promotional film for Switzerland. De Niro declines, saying that while Switzerland may be lovely, stunning and fantastically beautiful, there's no danger or drama here - it's "too perfect." Precisely those elements that are so central to De Niro's work.

But in view of the Covid 19 pandemic, drama is exactly what we want least of all at the moment - and so a film that was never made turns out to be a charming and self-deprecating advertisement for Switzerland. Because if you need a holiday without drama, you need Switzerland - unless your name is Robert De Niro.

The film is the latest work by Wirz BBDO, which is responsible for the entire campaign. It was directed by Danish director Martin Werner and shot last autumn in Zermatt and New York.

After first prominent appearances, among others on the famous billboards at Piccadilly Circus in London, the film has been going around the world since Tuesday - about the country where you can relax to the maximum.

I need Switzerland.

What makes Switzerland the perfect holiday destination is not only the spectacular and unspoilt landscapes, but also the short, easy and convenient routes directly into the nature experience. This guarantees relaxation and energy recharging. The campaign aims to sum up this USP for visitors: If you really want to relax, if you really want to escape from everyday life, if you really want to return to everyday life full of energy, if you want holidays without drama, then you need more than holidays. Then you need Switzerland.

Recommendations that could convince De Niro

In collaboration with Roger Federer, further joint projects are planned for the future. Already in operation is the website Myswitzerland.com/rogerwhere visitors can discover Roger's personal recommendations and highlights. The variety of experiences presented here is great and ranges from relaxing and restful to exciting. Scrolling through the images, even Robert De Niro might change his mind. Asked about it, he says: "It excites me to discover the natural beauty of Switzerland soon - maybe together with Roger."

The campaign went global on Tuesday.

Responsible at Switzerland Tourism: André Hefti (Head of Marketing & Productions); Martin Pally (Marketing Manager Summer & Autumn); Dominic Stöcklin (Head of Social Media); Pascal Bloch (Visual Concept Manager); Daniela Chiani (Project Manager Marketing Summer). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Alain Eicher, Johannes Raggio, Jannic Mascello, Elise Smidt, Elena Gabriel (Creation); Cosima Lang, Laura Saner (Storyline); Erasmo Palomba (Agency Producing); Simone Jehle, Janna Löhr (Consulting); Rahel Signer (Media Realisation); Pumpkin Film (Film Production); Sonja Brand (Exec. Producer); Julia Illig (Producer); Nicolai Monberg (Edit); Martin Werner (Director); Manuel Ruiz (NYC), Jan Mettler (CH, Director of Photography); Ballad (Music and Sound Design); Per Kasch (Photographer); BaconX and Südlicht (Image Editing).

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