Spina's Civil Voices and OceanCare promote proper disposal of masks

With the marine conservation organization OceanCare, Spina's Civil Voices is calling on the public to properly dispose of their protective masks.

Spinas Civil Voices und OceanCare

The idea for this campaign came out of necessity. Employees of Spinas Civil Voices, an agency for civil society causes, could hardly believe current reports about protective masks: 129 billion protective masks have been used worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, and that every month. These masks are largely made of plastic, so they don't degrade on their own. If they get into the environment, they remain there for centuries and become a deadly hazard for animals on land and in the water.

It is estimated that 1.56 billion protective masks have already entered the sea. They place an additional burden on the oceans and their inhabitants, who already have to contend with incredible quantities of disposable plastic. A creative team from the agency set out to develop a concept that would raise awareness about this issue. The right client for this message was quickly found.

The Swiss Marine Conservation Organization OceanCare has been advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic for years. With its status as the UN's special advisor on marine conservation issues, OceanCare is influencing global decision-makers to ensure that a global plastics treaty stems the tide of plastics entering the oceans.

What protects us causes damage in the sea

"It's a sensitive issue, we realize that," says Sigrid Lüber, founder of OceanCare. "The masks are essential to protect people in the pandemic. The premise of the campaign was to make that fact clear. Our goal is that we can make people aware to dispose of their protective masks properly and use reusable masks whenever possible."

As part of the "I Care" plastic awareness campaign, Spina's Civil Voices created a new series of subjects with a clear visual and content message: "What is protecting us right now is causing enormous damage in the ocean. Please dispose of your protective masks properly."

Three motifs were realized, for print, OOH as well as in an animated form for social media. The campaign has been running since this April and will continue for as long as we all wear protective masks.


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