BrinkertLück designs new brand identity for Allpresan

BrinkertLück Creatives has created a new appearance with two commercials for the German brand Neubuorg Skin Care and its Allpresan foot care products.

Advertising against brittle feet doesn't have to be brittle at all. Neubourg Skin Care's current campaign for its foot care product brand Allpresan aims to demonstrate this. Freely following the motto "Show me your feet", the dance group "Urban Theory" presents and stages two of the numerous medical-cosmetic products in the spots.

The two spots, designed by BrinkertLück, also present the completely new appearance of the Allpresan brand, also developed by the agency, for the first time. Rather untypically for the healthcare sector, this is staged in a colourful, lively and energetic way. "We were spontaneously thrilled by the idea of choosing a completely new approach to staging the topic of foot care, which is nevertheless clearly different from the bathroom scenes that are to be expected and typical for many healthcare topics," Thomas Neubourg, CEO of Neubourg Skin Care, is pleased to say.

The two spots were produced by BrinkertLück with the show architects and Weloveartbuying and can be seen immediately on TV and on numerous social media channels. A main focus of the distribution is also on the numerous foot care practices and pharmacies that rely on the care products of Allpresan.

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