Stuiq checks for Allianz Partners and SBB if something is missing

Zurich-based agency Stuiq has created four spots on travel insurance for Allianz Partners and SBB. The campaign, in which both companies appear together, is currently running on social media and at the POS.

Everyone knows that "Missing something?" moment - when you realize that a mishap has happened. Stuiq puts exactly this situation on film for social spots and thus promotes the joint insurance offer of Allianz Partners and SBB. With complete protection packages, customers should be well covered and arrive at their destination without worries, even if their luggage is stolen, for example.

With a deliberately cheerful, light-hearted tone, the Zurich agency conveys the "annoying" topic and thus ensures attention and product awareness - for carefree travel.

Four spots for different scenarios and target groups are used seasonally on social media and run simultaneously on screens in ticket halls at train stations throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at Allianz Partners: Nico Koch (Head of Market Management), Larissa Janka (Marketing Specialist), Verena Trau (Key Account Manager). Responsible at SBB: Angela Habegger (Marketing Third Party Business), Marcel Schneider (Product Manager Third Party Business). Responsible at Stuiq: Stefan Moeschlin (Creative Direction), Benjamin Kocher (Digital Direction, Consulting), Michi Döös (Direction, DOP), Sam Ribeiro do Couto (Camera, Post Production, Image Editing). Cast: Nico Ehl.

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