Comet shows that the canton of Bern is ready to vaccinate

Large shipments of Corona vaccine will arrive at the canton of Bern in the coming weeks and months. Now the Corona vaccination campaign in the canton of Bern is also picking up speed. The accompanying information campaign on Corona vaccination by Komet is "on air".

In order for the canton of Bern to be able to vaccinate all residents who wish to do so by the summer as planned, they must consider a possible vaccination now at the latest and make a decision for themselves personally. And this is precisely what its current information campaign, developed by the canton of Bern and Komet, is calling for with a clever twist.

She does not, as one might expect, stage the vaccination centers ready for action. Rather, it dramatizes the disagreement of couples in everyday matters in a way that is appropriate for the media, so that it can ultimately address the issue of individual freedom of choice. The online and TV spots thematize a nonverbal battle for channel sovereignty in front of the screen, and the radio spot a disagreement among expectant parents. "Fortunately, everyone can decide for themselves about the Corona vaccination," is all that can be said.

The campaign can be seen on regional television, social media and as news teads - and heard on all local radio stations in the canton of Bern.

Responsible at the Canton of Bern: Anna Zwierko, Gundekar Giebel (Communication). Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD), Claudio Parente (AD), Daniel Müller (Text), Melanie Schlunegger (DTP), Corinne Hert (Client Service Director), Nicolas Gabl (Consulting). Film production: Allmenfilms; camera: Simon von Allmen. Radio spot: Bluebox Recording Studios. Media: Mediaschneider.

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