Publicis for Casino 777: Luck from Graubünden

The online casino "", which belongs to Casino Davos, advertises in a surprising way with happy moments from Graubünden in the new marketing campaign by Publicis.

Most people associate Graubünden with happy holiday moments, experiences and spectacles in nature. But these feelings of happiness can now also be experienced by anyone outside Graubünden who plays at the online casino "", which belongs to Casino Davos, according to the advertising promise.

"Graubünden can also make you happy when you're not there. With a bit of luck, we'll hear many more whoops all over Switzerland," says Claudio Hagmann, who is responsible for marketing at Publicis has created a digital, TV and outdoor campaign under the motto "Glück aus Graubünden" (luck from Graubünden), which will be launched in the next few days. This includes 15-second short spots for TV and 6-second spots for social platforms, which are not simply cut-downs of the TV spots.

Responsible for Casino Davos: Robert Kocher (Chief Online Gaming), Claudio Hagmann (Digital Marketing Specialist). Responsible at PublicisPeter Brönnimann, Pablo Schencke, Silvia Meierhofer (Creation), Cathy Nyffenegger, Stefania Bertolo (Consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Integrated Producer). Production Whoopee MoviesRocketfilm, Zurich. Christopher Novak (Producer), Sébastien Kühne (Director). Production of digital advertising material: Prodigious Zurich.

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