Scholz & Friends Zurich for Rivella: At home where people are thirsty for something new

For the launch of the new Rivella Grapefruit variety, Scholz & Friends Zurich is continuing the Rivella campaign presence at product level.

The current campaign for Rivella's latest flavour focuses on people's unquenchable thirst for everything new, in keeping with the creative central idea with the claim "Wo immer dein Durst daheim ist" (Wherever your thirst is), which Scholz & Friends developed for Rivella.

The motifs to publicise the new variety are now on air in various out-of-home formats in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. A digital campaign with banner motifs and engagement ads as well as PoS communication round off the campaign presence.

Responsible at Rivella: Thomas Warring (Chief Marketing Officer), Andri Freyenmuth (Head of Brand Management), Désirée Koller (Senior Brand Manager), Rahel Burri (Brand Manager), Annika Montalenti (Senior Media & Digital Communication Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends: Luca Stancheris, Maira Weidmann, Aster Loerli, Erika Unternährer, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen (Creation), Victoria Kirsch, Mathias Rösch, Tobias Händler (Consulting & Strategy). Media: Havas Media.

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