Ruf Lanz for VBZ: Creative extra line for gradual opening up

Life in Zurich is slowly picking up speed again. The VBZ and its lead agency Ruf Lanz are currently responding to this - with an advertising line made entirely of VBZ lines.

After shops, stores and boutiques were allowed to reopen on 1 March, restaurants and cafés have been able to serve guests on their terraces again since Monday. The VBZ and Ruf Lanz react to the gradual relaxation with a picture-perfect advertising line.

While the "Spring Dress" motif appeared at the beginning of March to coincide with the opening of the shops, VBZ is now launching two further motifs to coincide with the opening of the terraces. All motifs are graphically consistently illustrated from the tram and bus lines.

In this way, VBZ not only communicates its range of services in an unmistakable way, but also supports the gastronomy and trade in Zurich in these difficult times. The course has already been set for further subjects on possible scenarios.

At the same time, the VBZ point out in the text to continue to adhere to the protective measures so that everyone can continue on this path of gradual opening.

Responsible at VBZ: Silvia Behofsits (Head of Corporate Communications), Sherin Madassery (Junior Project Manager Corporate Communications). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Catherine Martin (Art Direction), Markus Ruf (Text), Armin Arnold (DTP), Miro Poffa (Consulting). Illustrations: Catherine Martin.

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