Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and Dreifive launch employer branding campaign

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and Dreifive jointly launch the employer branding campaign #WomenOfCCHBC using a new story ad format on LinkedIn.

As part of "Equal Pay Day 2021", Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is launching a new and "snackable" video series that portrays female employees who work in predominantly male-dominated professions.

The video series takes users behind the scenes at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and lets female employees talk about their everyday work and their experiences with gender roles. The video series #WomenofCCHBC was produced for LinkedIn. The aim is to draw attention to gender equality issues through authentic storytelling. The campaign aims to generate reach through optimized and innovative ads and put female employees in the spotlight.

LinkedIn Story Ad Format in Beta Test

As part of this video series, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and Dreifive used the new LinkedIn Story Ads, which are currently only available in beta for a limited group of advertisers in the DACH region.

Responsible at Coca-Cola HBC: Carina Geiger (Employer Branding Specialist at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland), Danielle von Rechenberg (External Communications Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland), Gilgia Bugno (Apprentice at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland). Responsible at Dreifive: Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media Zurich), Dylan Hess (Social Media Consultant), Sandro Kohler (Teamlead Art Director Motion & Picture), Bibiana Schwarz (Junior Digital Designer).

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