Agency at the airport relies on lost tones for Neuroth Hörcenter

In order to give potential customers an understanding of the advantages of hearing aids in everyday life, the agency at the airport developed a direct mailing for Neuroth.

Founded in Austria in 1907, the hearing care company Neuroth now operates more than 250 specialist institutes and hearing centres. Thanks to technological progress, today's hearing aids have little in common with the devices of yesteryear. In the meantime, these little helpers can do much more than just improve hearing. Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, they offer incredible added value in everyday life, because you can also use them to make phone calls or listen to music directly.

In order to make this added value clear to potential customers and at the same time lower the inhibition threshold to visit a hearing center, the agency at the airport developed a direct mailing. It was sent to 45,000 recipients in Switzerland, who were selected on the basis of their age and previous profession.

Responsible at Neuroth Hörcenter: Lukas Häusermann (Head of Marketing CH/FL), Sharlyn Keiser (Head of Marketing Management), Fabienne Rudigier (Marketing Manager). Responsible at agency at airport: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Dominique Rutishauser (art direction), Ketil Eggum (graphics), Miriam Egli (consulting/text).

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