Zimmermann Communications and Compresso stage the depth of Brack.ch's product range

The Brack.ch campaign launched in autumn 2020 is entering its second round. This time, Zimmermann Communications and Compresso dramatize the depth of the online retailer's product range on six subjects.

Whereas the launch campaign under the motto "Delivers more than you think" demonstrated the breadth of Brack.ch's product range, the current appearance aims to show the depth of the respective product ranges and to address the target groups in a more focused manner with a concrete "delivery promise".

Zimmermann Communications and Compresso have created six new themes for the campaign. Sujets with mottos such as "Delivers Pleasure" or "Delivers Performance" deliberately allow for a wide range of interpretations and invite customers to discover new things in the online retailer's product range. In the "Feel-good moments", "Adventure" or "Cosiness" versions, there is also the right product to discover, depending on inclination and need.

The campaign is currently running on posters in German and French-speaking Switzerland and is also being used in digital environments and implementations.

Responsible at Brack.ch: Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Franziska Heimberg (Head of Marketing Communications), Michael Otto (Marketing Manager Brand). Responsible at Compresso:  Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Alexandra Nadtochiy (strategy), Michelle Müller (project management), Sean Dünki (art direction), Yannick Vogel (graphics). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/Art Buying), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Florian Bieniek (Project Management). Photo Production: Detail AG, photographer: Christian Egger.

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