Freestudios realizes anniversary film for TCS

The Touring Club Switzerland is launching a new image film to mark its 125th anniversary. The Geneva-based film production company Freestudios is responsible for the concept and production.

Known primarily for its roadside assistance, the TCS aims to raise awareness of its multifaceted commitment to mobility. The script, which focuses on its members as a tribute to standing by their side, also highlights the TCS's numerous interventions in the service of Switzerland's mobility.

Filming therefore took place in various Swiss locations such as Geneva, Lavaux, the Bern region and Ticino. The Himalayan sequence was recreated on the Great St. Bernard. Prevention, advice, help, road safety, technological developments and camping are emotionally interwoven in the anniversary film.

The film is part of the TCS anniversary campaign as a 30- and 15-second TV spot as well as an online campaign.

Responsible at the Touring Club Switzerland: Moreno Volpi (Director Corporate Communication), Vanessa Flack (Senior Project Manager TCS Anniversary). Responsible at Freestudios: Anne-Cécile Vallenet (Executive Producer), Olivier Pictet (Director), Joseph Areddy (Photography), Jean Loup Bernet (Music), Anne-Cécile Vallenet and Benjamin Dubuc (Production Management & Post Production).

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