Jung von Matt Limmat: Of indoor athletes, do-it-yourselfers and the pitfalls of everyday life

Nine short stories from real life promise: Mobiliar's customers will share in its success - regardless of their relationship to the insurance company. The architecture and storytelling of Mobiliar's surplus fund campaign are consistently digital-first.

Do the "Dear Mobiliar" commercials not suit your sense of humor at all? Are you an unlucky person and experience claims time and again in your everyday life? Or have you taken out your anger about your broken cell phone on Mobiliar customer service? Never mind. Because no matter what your relationship is with Mobiliar: Customers will continue to benefit from a premium reduction totaling 220 million Swiss francs in 2021.

Insights into the lives of others

This is the message conveyed by Mobiliar's latest surplus fund campaign. And it is consistently digital-first. The campaign's storytelling focuses on the essence of a story, tells it in just a few seconds, and works without dialog or sound.

The spots start immediately in more or less everyday situations: a basketball player indulges his passion within his own four walls instead of on the court, a do-it-yourselfer suddenly floats in the air, and Mobiliar's customer service receives a strange call. In each story, a window opens into the lives of the protagonists, which closes again after a few seconds.

"Each and every one of us can find ourselves in the diverse stories. The stories are taken from life - authentic and in typical Mobiliar ducuts with a lot of wit and heart," explains Lorenz Jenni, Head of Brand Leadership and Marketing Communication at Mobiliar.

Second one decides

For the first time, Mobiliar's surplus fund campaign uses a campaign setup that is completely detached from TV. "The challenge here is not the brevity of the stories optimized for digital-first, but that the attention is there from second one," explains Annette Häcki, Executive Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat. Accordingly, no uniform dramaturgy was chosen for the nine stories, but rather a unique narrative logic was developed and implemented for each.

The current surplus fund campaign will run throughout Switzerland in German, French and Italian from mid-April.

Responsible at Mobiliar: Silvia Siffert, Nicole Bieri, Hanna Poffet (Marketing Communication Managers), Lorenz Jenni (Head of Brand Leadership & Marketing Communication). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Cla Campell (Text), Regine Cavicchioli, Luca Schneider (Art Direction), Florence Scherer, Anne Muhl (Strategy), Melissa Diday, Fiona Wishart, Adrian Haut (Project Management), Annette Häcki (Executive Creative Director), Stefan Naef (Chief Consulting Officer), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Play: Michael Kindermann (Managing Director), Natascha Imfeld (Art Buying). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Pepe Kägi, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Jlona Kopf, Chiara Killer (media realization). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Janine Nussbaumer (Client Service Director), Silja Achermann, Anna Perez (Senior Consultants). Responsible for Dynamic Frame: Jones (Director), Filip Zumbrunn (DOP), Luzius Fischer (Executive Producer), Niels Vije (Producer), Marko Strihic (Editor). Other partners: Our Colors (color grading); Yves Bachmann/ Visualeyes International (photographer); Jingle Jungle (sound).

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