Publicis launches new brand campaign for Axa

Axa and Publicis have launched a new global campaign to demonstrate the positive impact of collective self-confidence in a challenging global environment marked by many uncertainties.

According to the Axa Future Risks Report, 73 percent of people believe that the world's population is more vulnerable today than it was five years ago. New global risks such as pandemics, accelerated climate change and a more unstable geopolitical environment are fuelling doubt and uncertainty. Axa aims to counter this development with its new brand campaign. In collaboration with Publicis, Axa's global message has been packaged in a hero film that will be broadcast nationally on TV: Those who believe in themselves go far. With Axa's support, even further.

In the form of this film, the campaign aims to bring the brand essence "Act for human progress by protecting what matters" to life. The will to promote individual and collective self-confidence is intended to support the brand promise. "Know You Can" of Axa to the point. The main film shows how different moments in a young woman's life lead her to gain confidence in herself and ultimately inspire others with her story. Online, additional contextual videos will be used on high-reach platforms, highlighting Axa's role in various strategic segments, from SMEs to health and corporate social responsibility.

Responsible at the AXA Group: Ulrike Decoene (Group Head of Communication, Brand & Corporate Responsibility), Paul Bennett (Global Brand Director), Juan Herrera (Global Advertising Director), Mya Dawaliby (Global Brand Advertising Manager), Joseph Béhar (Global Media Manager). Responsible at AXA Switzerland: Antonia Lepore (Head Marketing Communication), Claudia Suter (Head Brand & Advertising), Vera Hager (Advertising Manager), Sandro Singer (Brand Manager). Responsible at Publicis Conseil: Marco Venturelli (President Overseeing Creativity), Steve O'Leary (Global Executive Creative Director ), Romulus Petcan (Copy Writer), Gabriel Gherca (Art Director), Patrick Leclercq (Global Client Lead), Sylvain Michel (Client Services Lead), Noureddine Kamal (Account Director), Stéphanie PuiTse (Account Manager), Guillaume Coelho (Digital Account Director), Alastair Maclean (Head of Strategic Planning), Antoine Collignon (Strategic Planner Lead). Responsible at Prodigious Conseil: Armelle Sudron (TV Producer), Iconoclast (Production House), Frédéric Planchon (Director), Ruben Impens (DOP), Nathalie Le Caer (Executive Producer), Alexia Levy (Line Producer), Lola Perron (Production Coordinator), MIKROS MPC (Post Production house TV), Lionel Juglair, Stephanie Mollet (Post Producer), Eve Ashwell, Yves Beloniak (Editor), Jean-Clement Soret (Grading Artist), Flore Mounier (Flame Artist), Agathe Sayegh (Graphiste after effect), Le Chainon Manquant (Iconography), Sixième Son (Compositors), Pauline de Bastard, Josette Music club (Music Producer), Carsten Krueger (Sound producer / Editing Prodigious); Armelle Sudron (Production Prodigious), Lola Perron (Print Producer Iconoclast), Julien Mignot @Superette (Photographer), Guillaume Nadaud (Photographer Image Bank), Adrien Benard (Retouching), Cécile Cuzin (Process Manager). Responsible at Publicis Zurich: David Lübke (Creative Director), Albert Matzinger (Senior Copywriter), Priska Meyer (Senior Art Director), Hannah Zuettel (Junior Art Director), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility), Flurin Hardt (Senior Account Director), Tanja Hediger (Account Director). Responsible at Wavemaker: Agathe Pacault (Global Business Partner), Patricia Siohen (Global Client Director), Natalie Baudon (Global Digital Lead), Martina Kratt (Client Service Director), Tim Goldschmidt (Senior Digital Planner), Edwina Gescheidle (Head of Operations), Manuela Twrsnick (Programmatic Services Consultant); responsibility for Pre Press, Litho and Motion Design: Prodigious Brand Logistics.

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