Zurich advertises with song by Swiss band Baba Shrimps

At the window longingly and impatiently waiting for the family. With pictures of dogs, Zurich Switzerland is advertising its motor vehicle insurance from Thursday, with a song by Baba Shrimps. The campaign was realized by 72 and Sunny, BrinkertLück Creatives, Equipe and Monami.


In a new and optimistic appearance, Zurich presents itself as a caring and cooperative insurance company. The current spot shows dogs eagerly waiting at the window for their owners and focuses on the service of Zurich Help Points, where customers receive immediate professional help after a claim and - if necessary - a replacement car.

"To make the Zurich brand appear even warmer and trigger more emotional resonance, we placed a great deal of emphasis on emotionality in the current TV spot," explains Priska Kaspar, Head of Marketing at Zurich. "The new look is rather unusual for an insurance company and focuses on people and their animal friends, rather than the product." The spring campaign is intended to convey Zurich's basic attitude that the insurance company supports customers in all phases of life to be best prepared for the future.

Special attention was paid to the musical background of the TV spot. The song "By the window" is by the Swiss band Baba Shrimps and is intended to give the spot a lot of warmth and emotional resonance. With the selection of the song, Zurich also wants to support young Swiss artists* during the Covid 19 pandemic. Zurich is aiming for a longer-term collaboration with Baba Shrimps.

In addition to the spot, which will be shown on Swiss television until the end of May, there will be poster campaigns at various Swiss train stations, digital measures and social media posts. In addition, Zurich is initiating sales promotion measures for its own sales force - with a focus on personalized window posters for the general agencies.

Responsible at Zurich Switzerland: Priska Kaspar (Head of Marketing); Daniel Ravida (Head Campaign & Project Management); Gabriela Reuteler (Marketing Manager Motor); Eleni Zoubos (Digital Marketing Manager); Manuela Carl (Content & Social Media Manager); Véronique Salvi (Marketing Manager). Responsible agencies: 72 and Sunny Amsterdam (TV commercial and posters); BrinkertLück Creatives (social media creation and sales support); Equipe (digital media); Monami (social media creation and publishing).

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