Bank Cler launches campaign on Smadooh Media with location partner Gidor Coiffure

On Monday, the current "Zak" campaign of Bank Cler was extended by the screens of Smadooh Media, which are in use in all Gidor Coiffure branches.

In the branches of Gidor Coiffure, attention will be drawn to the advantages of Bank Cler's banking app "Zak" during the next month by means of a creative motif. The focus will be on the speed of the app installation, which is compared to a quickly completed hair trim.

This is intended to succeed in a playful way the skillful interplay of message and consideration of the local circumstances and to provide for a striking effect with smirk factor.

Deeper cooperation planned

In addition to the classic advertising campaign, a more in-depth cooperation is also on the agenda. From the second half of 2021, selected offers from Gidor Coiffure will be available in the "Zak" app.

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