Zimmermann Communications shows how fast you can now be in Ticino

Ticino Turismo is launching a campaign with Zimmermann Communications at the start of the season to attract guests in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. The focus is on sustainable mobility through the newly opened Ceneri Base Tunnel.

With slogans such as "Faster in Ticino" and "Experience more #ticinoments", the campaign designed by zimmermann communications focuses on the speed of the new connections from German-speaking Switzerland to Ticino and within Ticino.

Based on the actual SBB departure and arrival times, nine subjects were created in a first wave, which are played out location-specifically and, depending on the Federal Council's opening strategy, are only used when the restaurants, bars and leisure facilities are open again. A total of around 50 different versions are to be played out.

In the first phase, the campaign will appear primarily in digital media, on digital posters at selected railway stations, in social media and in the Sunday press. Various other, target group-specific measures flank the campaign and will be continuously adapted to the situation and expanded over the coming months.






Responsible at Ticino Turismo: Manuela Nicoletti (Director of Marketing); Jutta Ulrich (Head of Communications). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp, Marietta Mügge (Creation); Ramon Alder (Art Direction); Florian Bieniek (Consulting); Kim Corpataux (Digital Content Creation); Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy and Media). Film and photo production: Truecolorfilms Lugano.

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