Content and form celebrates an enjoyable anniversary with Oswald

The Zurich-based agency Inhalt und Form is celebrating Oswald's 70th birthday with the launch of a new, exclusive product line.

The spice and bouillon specialist Oswald celebrates its seventieth birthday. The round anniversary is celebrated with an exclusive gift to customers: the launch of the "1951" product line. A reference to the beginnings of the company.

In order to celebrate the anniversary as well as the launch in a fitting manner, Inhalt und Form has developed an appearance that underlines the traditional and handmade manufacturing process of the new product line.

Indulgence is celebrated in various online videos, product flyers and special magazines, right up to the POS. In addition, a logo that will adorn all of Oswald's promotional materials throughout the year was designed especially for the jubilee year.

Responsible at Oswald: Christophe Schmidt (Managing Director), Riccardo Dillier (Head of Marketing), Manuela Urban (Communication Manager), Lavinia Stecconi (Senior Brand Manager), Katia Lozano (Senior Brand Manager), Sibylle Hasenberger (Brand Manager), Selin Naumov (Junior Communications Manager). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), Vasco Bickel (Senior Art Director), Mato Bilic (Motion Designer), Govinda Schmidt (Graphic Designer), Yannick Lippuner (Junior Copywriter), Adriana Sigg (Poylgraph), Manuela Marty (Head of Consulting), Doelkar Monkhar (Project Manager).

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