Serviceplan Suisse discovers microgreens for Mini in the urban jungle

The international initiative #MiniVoices promotes world-changing ideas. With Umami, Mini Switzerland has found a very special cooperation partner for Switzerland. Serviceplan developed a content concept for the application.

The Umami company imitates nature on the fourth floor of a high-rise building in Zurich in an ecological cycle and produces microgreens full of nutrients and vitamins. The "Content & Corporate Communications" team of Serviceplan Suisse developed the content concept to promote the cooperation and produced all assets for national and international use completely in-house.

Mini's commitment to reinventing urbanity and enhancing the lives of city dwellers with maximum experience and minimum footprint goes beyond mobility. With the claim to positively change the urban living space through meaningful cooperation. Umami is a prime example of this. High quality standards, new innovative thinking and a focus on urbanity unite the brand values of the Zurich start-up and Mini.

For the communicative implementation, Serviceplan Suisse was inspired by the ecological cycle for the concept "The Umami Circle". This resulted in assets for three communication phases: The first phase is a 90-second main film with teaser cutdowns for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. For the second phase, the agency produced three portrait films as a stage for the Umami founders, their motivations and motives. All these films will be presented together with other international initiatives on In the third phase, the Swiss Mini community will be exclusively involved - with assets staged differently for each channel on Facebook and Instagram.


Responsible at Mini Switzerland and Umami:Adrian Kwasnitza (Head Marketing Mini), Alessia Pezzini (Specialist Events & Sponsoring Mini), Denis Weinberg, Manuel Vock, Robin Bertschinger and Luca Grandjean (Umami).Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse:Tizian Lienhard (Art Direction), Lara Horisberger (Text), Laila Kalman (Social Media), Kurt Bösiger, Dominic Shota Schweingruber (Film Production and Motion Design), Thomas Lüber (Creative Director), Sidonie Bauer, Livia Küpfert (Consulting), Marcin Baba (Executive Creative Direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (Overall Responsibility).

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