Art.i.schock demonstrates the benefits of speech therapy for DLV at Corona

Speech therapy has been shown to be an important component in recovery from severe Covid 19 disease. This is pointed out by the professional association DLV in the context of the European Day of Speech Therapy on Saturday. The campaign was conceived and implemented by the Zurich agency Art.i.schock.

Speech therapy is more than pronunciation therapy for school children. It covers a wide range of services for all ages. Its benefits are also evident in the Corona pandemic, writes the German-speaking Swiss Speech Therapists Association DLV.

In addition to the more familiar, corona-typical long-term symptoms, another problem occurs after intubation: The breathing tube can lead to swallowing and voice disorders. One of the first measures after removal of the tube is therefore an appropriate assessment by clinically active speech therapists. Patients are often not yet allowed to eat or drink, and damaged vocal cords often impair the voice. The symptoms can occur over a longer period of time and thus make the return to everyday life even more difficult. Logopedic therapy is very successful and helps to shorten the hospital stay and thus reduce costs. This is not new, but has gained importance with Covid-19 and the increased number of ventilated persons.

The German-speaking Swiss Speech Therapists Association DLV is therefore placing the European Day of Speech Therapy on Saturday under the motto "Speech Therapy for Covid Patients". For the information campaign on social media channels and the Website the DLV was advised and supported by Art.i.schock. The agency has been supporting the DLV in communication since last year.

Responsible at the DLVBérénice Wisard (President), Edith Lüscher (Managing Director). Responsible at Art.i.schockPatrizia Tanner (concept, consulting), Yasmin Cilasin (graphics).

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