Heads for Zurich museums: currently the best cultural offer by far

On Monday, Zurich's museums open their doors - for the second time after a lockdown. Heads promotes the reopening and points out in a charming way that of course distance and mask are still mandatory when visiting museums.


In full-page advertisements in the Tages-Anzeiger and NZZ, on online channels and in social media, Zurich's museums are courting the favour of those interested in culture. They are relatively certain to be successful - not only are there a large number of fascinating exhibitions waiting for visitors, but there are also few cultural alternatives to a visit to a museum at the moment. Zurich's museums would therefore be delighted if many Zurich residents (re)discover their museums for themselves.


Responsible at Verein Zürcher Museen: Brigit Wehrli-Schindler (President VZM), Nicole Mayer (Managing Director VZM). Responsible at Heads Corporate Branding: Ralph Hermann (concept/text), Marco Simonetti (design), Roman von Arx (production).

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