Wunderman Thompson and Heks: Together for herd solidarity

The Corona pandemic pushes people who were already on the margins of society even further into the sidelines. With a comprehensive fundraising campaign, Wunderman Thompson draws attention to the plight of those affected for Heks and appeals to the collective solidarity of society.


While the Corona Rules have become our everyday companions, the bitter reality for millions of people is not being able to adequately protect themselves from the virus and its consequences. How are you supposed to keep your distance or wash your hands in a crowded refugee camp when there is no water or soap?

In Switzerland, the loss of work exacerbates the existential hardship of San-Papiers and people in precarious employment. The necessary social distancing leads to physical, but also emotional distancing. The problems of socially excluded people receive less attention and many elderly and lonely people suffer from the psychological consequences of isolation. It is precisely now that our full solidarity is needed. The campaign calls for help with an impressive change of perspective. Because the Corona crisis can only be overcome together.


The icons of the FOPH help 

"In order to dramatize the idea, the team had developed several implementations. The reduced and very striking version with the official BAG icons was by far the strongest. The client also saw it that way. Which is why we immediately asked the BAG campaign agency Rod if we could use the icons. We would like to take this opportunity to thank David Schärer from Rod and the FOPH, who responded positively to this request," says Swen Morath, CCO of Wunderman Thompson.

In addition to OOH and print, the headlines are used in simple animated TV spots, online and social media ads as well as direct applications.


Distance markings call for sticking together 

In addition, Wunderman Thompson has made a new advertising medium out of signage that everyone has been familiar with since the Corona crisis: In cooperation with Heks partners, special floor stickers were placed in shops, hair salons and church congregations. The stickers encourage passers-by to stick together and keep their distance. Anyone who scans the QR code can support people who are in need because of Corona.

All advertising material leads to the donation option on the Heks landing page. Together with donors, Heks aims to ensure that villages and schools in developing countries have access to clean water and hygiene, improve living conditions in refugee camps and help people in Switzerland to overcome their personal or financial difficulties.

The campaign has been in operation across Switzerland since Monday.


Responsible at Heks: Hanspeter Bigler (Head of Communications/Marketing), Brigitte Roth (Head of Marketing/Fundraising), Laurine Jobin (Head of Communications/Marketing Romandie). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Swen Morath (Chief Creative Officer), Marika Magnuszewska (Art Direction), Julia Staub (Text), Stephan Lanz, Jessica Hagnhofer (Consulting), Saskia Kremser (Strategy), An Le (DTP), Marlon Perini (Programming). Production: Nadia Rosasco, Rosas & Co Films (film production); Southern-t (motion design); Jingle Jungle (scoring); Magic Kitchen (media).

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